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presenting 4 fields that have to be filled out: Choice of content: Please choose Other. We will not accept PayPal payments from another person's account. The scan must be in jpeg format and have a maximum size of 350KB. 92 very good, max. Payment, how can I pay for my orders?

You may credit your user account with bank transfer or by cashing in a, cardmarket coupon. Please contact Customer Support to find a solution to this. If you are selling 1-16 single cards, you should: Put the cards into sleeves (max. They depend on the shipment size, weight and value and of course on origin and destination of the shipment. Exceptions are: Your payment has to be processed manually. The babydoll hooks in the back. Why do I have to pay a "Trustee service fee"?

We do not recommend to use bubble envelopes For larger orders, we recommend to use piles of cards that you wrap into paper (like a present ;-) to form a block. If you would like to pay your orders or credit your account via bank wire, you need to send a sepa wire to the following bank account: Recipient Sammelkartenmarkt iban DE BIC cobadeffxxx Transfer Reason YourUsername-YourUserID Please make sure that you provide your User name. Based on the evaluations you receive, you will have a "seller rank visualized by a star symbol. Your payment has been rejected. If you run a business in the trading card domain, you may open a professional account. A mesh G-String comes with the babydoll.

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